Safety First

Dedicated to Personal safety, Vessel Operational Safety & Environmental Protection


Personal Safety

The individual is the most important component in personal safety for themself and others. A safe workplace is an environment where each employee instinctively feels a responsibility for safety.

Vessel Operations

Safety in vessel operations involves experience, knowledge, procedures and most importantly attitude. In any environment instilling a safe working attitude must start at the top.

Environmental Protection

In matters of environmental protection a company should implement and maintain policies and guidelines to be observed at all levels of the organization both ship based as well as shore based.

Seamar Above and Beyond

Safe working practices involve following procedures, proper training, knowledge and experience. But most importantly it involves a safe working attitude and a commitment to safe working practices. This type of atmosphere must start at the top of any organization. Our dedicated management team visits our vessels on a regular basis. During these visits they make inquiries and receive status reports from all levels of our crew members. Furthermore we instill in our employees the knowledge that they can contact upper level management whenever the need arises.

Seamar Taking It to the Next Level

We remain committed to improving our safety management program by demonstrating a willingness to implement new or improved procedures and practices based upon the feedback we receive from our employees, our customers and changes in the industry. Feedback from our crew members is collected on a weekly basis thru our BBS (Behavioral Based Safety) program and yearly Management Review submitted by our vessel masters. These programs aid in identifying any operational hazards or potential safety issues and provides us with valuable insight towards trends in areas of personal safety, vessel operational safety and environmental protection.

Another important aspect of safety involves any vessel equipment (Critical Equipment) that can affect the safety of personnel, safety in vessel operations or the protection of our environment. This equipment must be inspected and tested on a scheduled basis. The program used by most companies for maintaining this equipment has been the SIP (Streamlined Inspection Program) which is a standard checklist performed monthly. We have moved from the normal SIP to a more thorough and well documented program utilizing a computer-based Work Order program that requires inspection and maintenance to be performed daily on selected equipment.

The Seamar Commitment

Seamar as a company remains committed and dedicated to personal safety, vessel operational safety and the protection of our environment. We strive to continue implementation and development of standard and new practices and procedures in this endeavor. As a company we will continue to comply with local, state and federal regulations and to work closely with  the U.S. Coast Guard.

Safety First!